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Discover Spanish Real Estate Market
If you own a property in Spain, you can...
... obtain a residence permit
If you own a property in Spain, you can...
... obtain health insurance
If you own a property in Spain, you can...
... receive rental income
If you own a property in Spain, you can...
... get access to European education
Our Services in Spain

Consulting on specifics of Spanish real estate market

  • purchasing of commercial and residential properties
  • property search and selection: market monitoring and analysis; recommendations on sale and purchase of properties
  • assessment of potential profitability of the property
  • property showing with assistance of a translator
  • negotiating with Spanish speaking owners and real estate agents
  • adjustment of the purchase price

Full support for acquisition of properties

  • obtaining of taxpayer identification number (NIE)
  • opening a bank account for non-residents
  • examination of the property (independent expert examination, collection of documents, conclusion on the property status and compliance of the transaction)
  • legal support for sale and purchase transactions
  • assistance in obtaining of the abstract of title (Nota Simple)

Property management services

  • organizing of repair and construction works: search and signing of a contract with a certified construction company; coordination and monitoring of works
  • obtaining of necessary approvals and permits, working with electrical and gas supply companies
  • measurements, design projects and construction drawings considering the local regulations
  • designer supervision over repair and construction works
  • selection and purchasing of construction and decoration materials, home appliances and furniture
  • all matters related to renting of your property, supervision over your property
  • cleaning services

Legal services

  • obtaining of a residence permit and related matters
  • legal translation of documents into Spanish
  • assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan
  • working out of optimized legal and financial schemes
  • accounting services for the property with assistance of a certified accountant for submission of financial reports to tax authorities
  • interaction with banks, account management
  • business services, establishing of companies
  • consulting on taxation of individuals
  • consulting on taxation of companies
  • settlement of situations including non-typical situations using our resources and network, with maximum benefit for the client

Selling of investment properties

  • pre-sale preparation, cleaning, decoration, fit out
  • organizing of sale, working with real estate agents, negotiating with potential buyers
  • showing of the property, marketing and advertising

Health insurance and education

  • organizing of health insurance
  • consulting on selection of preschool education
  • consulting and organizing of primary and secondary education
  • consulting and organizing of free and paid higher education

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